Ahead of March 7th Elections… Security Watertight


Leaving nothing to chance, given how charged the country’s political field is, and the highly emotional clashes that have taken place between party supporters here and there across the country during the campaigns, the National Security Coordinator of the National Security Agency, Mr. Ismail Tarawally, has under the powers conferred on his office raised the country’s security to what is dubbed – Level 2.

According to the notice, consistent with the National Security and Central Intelligence Act 2002 and the Standard Response Guidelines for the National Security Architecture, NSA deems it fit to declare a level 2 security status during the election period to enable the activating of appropriate structures and committees required to provide the necessary election security response.

The NSA Boss furthers that whilst the National Security Committee will remain in reserve mode; the NSC Coordinating Group will be expanded and will take on an emergency posture at both the central and provincial levels. All Forward Control Points, the NSA notice said, became activated last Friday and will stay alert until after the elections. To coordinate all intelligence, the National Situation Room has also been activated and in 24/7 posture.

The NSA boss called on the Chief Medical Office of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to also put in place similar rapid response mechanisms to deal with any emergencies that may occur.  Heads of all security forces and agencies are also called upon to give of their utmost in ensuring the success of this election security action.