After Face-to-Face Meeting With Ernest… Sam Sumana Forgives


On his way back to Freetown after visiting his home district of Kono to say thank you to his people and to present his councilors, mayor, district chairman and Members of Parliament to his people, former Vice President Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana, leader of Coalition For Change (C4C), paid a visit to his former boss, former President Ernest Bai Koroma, at the latter’s Makeni lodge.

Chief Sam Sumana who was warmly received by Ernest on behalf of his party, the All People’s Congress (AOC), was accompanied by a large delegation of his Kono people in a convoy of over 70 vehicles.

Ernest thanked Chief Sumana for the respect he accorded him as his former boss. He noted that he is married to Chief Sumana’s sister and sees Chief Sumana as a younger brother and a family member.

When he spoke, Chief Sam Sumana stated that APC did him no wrong but that if he had done anybody wrong in APC, he asks for forgiveness. He furthered that after God, he owes what he is to his former boss, Ernest, who, he said, elevated him from being a trader to become during his presidency the second gentleman of the land. At this point, people shed tears.

Chief Sam Sumana asked that bygones be bygones. He described Ernest as one of the best development-minded leaders in Africa, stating that Ernest took the country from a low point and left it at an elevated position. He said that as Ernest’s vice president, he can testify to that. He noted that Ernest has humanitarian feeling for his people.

After the meeting, the crowd retired for dinner. Chief Sumana asked that he and Ernest eat from the same plate. As they ate, Chief Sumana’s wife asked Ernest to forgive her husband for whatever he might have done wrong to Ernest, noting that there is marriage between Bombali (Ernest’s district) and Kono.

Earlier, in Kono, in the true spirit of forgive and forget, Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana told the people of Kono that he has forgiven the APC for what happened to him.

Chief Sam Sumana told his people that he is ready to work with everybody, regardless of whichever political party they belong and called on his people to also forgive and forget what happened.

He made the statement during presentation of his party’s elected councilors and MPs to the people of Kono district in Koidu city. He thanked the people for their love and support which ensured his party swept the polls in the whole of Kono district. He called for the people to forget their differences and quarrels and unite for development of the district and Sierra Leone. He also implored them not to let politics divide them.

In 2016, Chief Sam Sumana who was then the country’s Vice President and a member of APC was later ruled by the ECOWAS Court of Justice, unconstitutionally removed from office as Vice President by former President Koroma. This was after he had been stripped off his APC membership by the party’s National Advisory Council (NAC). Chief Sam Sumana, months before the 2018 elections, formed the Coalition For Change (C4C) party which struck APC’s death knell in Kono district by winning all the council seats, nine parliamentary seats, with his party supporters overwhelmingly voting for the SLPP’s Julius Maada Bio in the presidential runoff elections that crucially enabled Bio to win the election against the APC candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara.