After 9 Days In Detention… Karamoh Kabba, Others In Court Today

By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

Magistrate Hannah Bonnie on Friday 9th August, 2019 revoked the bail application made by lead defense counsel, Lansana Dumbuya Esq. in a matter between the Inspector General of Police versus Karamoh Kabba and 22 others.

JAK Sesay Esq. representing the IGP as lead prosecutor told the court that Prosecution Witness No. 1 who is also the complainant was unavoidably absent but said had four witnesses present to testify.

Lawyer Dumbuya told the presiding Magistrate that bail for their clients, which was earlier refused at the last hearing, was what they expected the court to rule on as the defense had already filed an affidavit.

PW2, Sahr Sam Ansumana residing in Hamilton said he is a human rights activist and a relative of one the complainant, Josephine HM Jackson (PW1), the SLPP contender in the forthcoming by-election in Constituency 110.

He recalled that on the 29th July, 2019 at Hamilton when he said he was returning from Freetown and met some people standing along the way who on seeing him started raining insults on his mother because, according to him, he is a relative of PW1. He continued that in order to avoid a confrontation, he told the ‘okada’ rider to divert course.

When he arrived home, he said, he heard people shouting: “They are coming! They are coming!” Suddenly, he said, deadly missiles been were thrown.

PW2 furthered that he saw lot of women inside PW1’s compound and a crowd approaching the house, adding that the police was then called to report to intervene.

PW2 further told the court that whilst he was entering into the compound, he had a backpack that contained a laptop computer and an I-Phone 7 that someone in the crowd forcefully took from him. He said he saw a boy carrying a ladder that he took from the house of accused No. 18 – Mr. Doherty that he used to climb into the compound. The boy, he said attacked PW1 and hit her on the leg.

He added that he fled for his dear life and that he heard accused No.3 – Karamoh Kabba blowing a whistle, saying they want her (PW1) head. He said Karamoh Kabba set a jeep in the compound on fire and that whilst the vehicle was on fire, the attackers tried to force their way into the house. He said the assailants carried machetes.

When police arrived, he said, some of the victims lashed at them for responding late to their distress call. After that, Vice President Dr. Juldeh Jalloh and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Edward Soloku arrived at the scene and witnessed the damage caused.

The lead defense counsel intimated that they were not expecting other witnesses other than to cross-examine PW1. The lead prosecution counsel alleged that one of the accused has planned to repeat the same thing after he is granted bail.

In her summation, Magistrate Hannah Bonnie said, “I have listened to several arguments made and I have considered the seriousness of the matter and therefore refuse bail and the matter adjourned to the 13th of August 2019.”