Adonis Abboud Hailed  


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Section Chief of Kamayamah at Lumley, Chief Kebbay Conteh has together with prominent community stakeholders commended the philanthropist, Dr. Adonis Abboud for his relentless effort and support towards the construction and maintenance of the Kamayamah bridge known as the ‘Adonis Abboud Bridge’ during the launching of the said bridge last Friday, 10th May 2019.

Chief Conteh said some eleven years ago there was no route to connect the Kamayamah community to other communities, adding that the road was in a deplorable state and not vehicle worthy.

According to him, Dr. Adonis Abboud came to know about the appalling situation of the bridge through one of his workers who also resides in the community and upon visiting the site, he assured the community that the Adonis Abboud Trust Fund (AATF) would offer 70% of the total funding for the constructing of the bridge. Following which, he said, they held a stakeholders’ meeting and that the following week, the construction work on the bridge commenced. Currently, he said, five communities benefit from the bridge that was abandoned for some eleven years.

As a show of appreciation, he said, stakeholders of the community resolved to name the bridge after Adonis Abboud for his philanthropic gesture and the fact that he employed youths of the community for the construction work.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Adonis Abboud said since 2008 he has been with the people of Kamayamah community where he said he has made a number of interventions including the provision of solar lamps.

He warned residents to desist from throwing rubbish along the bridge for which, he said, he has employed two youths as vigilantes to man the bridge.

According to Dr. Abboud, another US$70,000 bridge project will soon commence at the Kaningo community where, he said, he has also pledged to offer 70% of the total funding for the project. He therefore called on the Freetown City Council (FCC) to contribute to the said project

The Deputy Mayor of FCC, Osman Tolo Kamara applauded the AATF for the construction of the bridge. The people Kamayamah, he said were finding it very to use that route but that the people are not happy that the bridge is now constructed.

He said the community should be proud of the bridge, adding that Dr. Abboud has demonstrated that he is no longer a foreigner in this land. He encourage every Sierra Leonean to emulate Dr. Abboud, noting the FCC is ready to give such the fullest support as, according to him, the welfare of Fretonians  is the Council’s greatest concern.

On his part, the Councillor for Ward 445, Abdul Karim Fofanah said that for some 11 years the Kamayamah road and bridge were in a very deplorable state but that the residents must count themselves blessed through the swift intervention of the Adonis Abboud Trust Fund. He therefore urged community stakeholders to follow Dr. Abboud’s foot step and ensure that they maintain the facility

Councillor Karim Fofanah promised to give rain gears to the workers who are maintaining the bridge, as he said stakeholders must come onboard and build the community.

The community Chairman, Osman Tolo Sesay expressed satisfaction over the commendation by the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) that the youths did a good job.