Academy Principal Hails New President

By Alhaji Mansaray

Principal of the Albert Academy Junior Secondary School, Mr. Frederick Coker has praised the new President of Albert Academy Alumni Association, Justice Alhaji Abu King for initiating projects for the school.

Speaking to this press, Mr. Frederick Coker disclosed that the old boarding home building is under construction to be converted to eighteen (18) classrooms, noting that the project came about as a result of the resilient effort of Justice Alhaji Abu King.

He said that a United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DfID) funded project is also giving them a three classroom block which will be completed by the end of January, noting that the new President also threw his weight behind the project which he said was started by the Principal.

Mr. Coker disclosed that the new President has also approached Airtel Sierra Leone for the rebranding of the school perimeter fence which would bring some income to the school to complete the second half of their perimeter fence at the back of the school to prevent encroachment on their land.

He pointed out that since Justice Alhaji Abu King became President of the Alumni Association in October last year,   he has undertaken developmental projects for the schools much to the surprise of the school authorities and the old pupils.

The Principal stressed that as a plan, the next project to be undertaken by the new President is the pavement of the school ground and beautification of the school compound with flowers and trees.

Commenting on the challenges of the school, Mr. Coker said the major one is payment of salaries of the auxiliary staff such as cleaners, watchmen, gatemen and secretaries. He said that they find it difficult to pay them as their only source of income is school fees.

The Principal also highlighted repairs and maintenance as another challenge which the school is facing, as well as thirteen (13) teachers whose names are not on the Accountant-General’s payroll but had to be paid directly from the school fund.