9785 Ghost Workers In Trouble


By Thomas S. Kembay

The Director General (DG) of National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Mohamed Mubashir Massaquoi has disclosed that about 9785 names of ghost workers were discovered during the civil and public servants biometric registration and verification and have been handed over to government for action.

According to Mohamed M. Massaquoi, some of the recommendations they have presented to government for prompt action include refund of all double salaries collected by any civil or public servant from different workplaces, refund of all salaries or wages collected for deceased workers, and other forms of punishment commensurate to the offences committed. He added that it is crime for someone to be a ghost while existing.

Mr. Massaquoi disclosed that there were workers collecting salaries from three or four workplaces. “We also have cases where people use the certificates of friends or family members to secure jobs and later change them to their real names, while some heads of institutions collect salaries of workers that have passed away,” the DG disclosed. He noted that all the alleged crimes are punishable by law and have therefore handed over all the names of those involved in the alleged practices to government for action.

The DG assured that the NCRA would defend its allegations presented to the Ministry of Finance and therefore challenged the alleged suspects to also come forward to defend themselves.