80% Youths Smoke Marijuana -Says Drugs Control Expert


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Institute for Research on Drugs Control and Human Society, Prince Bullie Sandy has asserted that over 80% of youths in the country do smoke marijuana or cannabis sativa (its botanical name).

According to Mr. Sandy, marijuana smoking is very prevalent among the youths, adding that even though some are apprehended and jailed for being in possession of or smoking marijuana, they still continue smoking it at the correctional centres. He asserted that they smoke it more in prisons than when they are out on the street.

Mr. Sandy advised the government to look into the Pharmacy and Drugs Laws and consider reforming them, noting that while marijuana smoking has its positive and negative impacts on users, incarcerating them for smoking or being in possession of marijuana cannot solve the problem. He averred that there must be an open discussion to find alternatives to curbing the rampant flow of cannabis sativa in society.

Mr. Sandy also observed that stigmatization after coming out of prison could lead the victims to making marijuana smoking habitual. He said there is an urgent need to reform the Drugs Laws and use other approaches to mend the situation at head.