80 Pupils In Police Net


There was pandemonium at the Cline Town, Up Gun down to the Ferry Junction axis in the East of the capital yesterday afternoon when irate pupils of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School and the Eastern Municipal Secondary School clashed which saw the arrest of 80 pupils from both schools.

The pupils pelted stones and other dangerous weapons at each other creating panic in the entire area following the beating of one Ahmadiyya pupil by pupils of the Eastern Municipal Secondary School. According to report, the said pupil was on a visit to his girl friend in the said school when he was attacked by the pupils.

In revenge for their colleague, the Ahmadiyya pupils reportedly went on the rampage and attacked their counterpart head-on causing havoc around the vicinity as traders and pedestrians ran helter-skelter for their dear lives. Traffic came to a halt as vehicles quickly made u-turns and headed towards Kissy for fear that their vehicles will be damaged. Police personnel from the Ross Road Division who materialized at the scene met stiff resistance from the irate pupils and retreated to the roundabout by the Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation (SLRTC) on Blackhall Road and called for reinforcement.

The principal of Ahmadiyya Secondary School who went to pacify his boys was reportedly pushed out of the way and his orders ignored.

According to report, the Ahmadiyya pupils in their revenge beat up both the pupils and teachers of the Eastern municipal Secondary School and in the process damaged school materials. A similar attack was made by the Eastern Municipal pupils who attacked their counterpart in their school compound.

As the situation got out of hands a team of riot police officers supported by military personnel reportedly overpowered the pupils by sporadically releasing teargas canisters at the pupils to calm down the situation.

However, another account states that the battle between the two schools was as a result of gang rivalry.