709 Carat Diamond Sale… Pastor Momoh Pockets US$2m


Pastor Emmanuel Momoh, who discovered the 709 carat diamond in Koidu, Kono District in 2017, is reported to have received US$2 million as his own share from the proceeds of the sale of the diamond abroad.

According to the report, the 709 carat diamond that was dubbed as “Peace Diamond” was sold for US$6.5 million in New York by a company called Rappapot, adding that the US$6.5 million at which the diamond was sold was below the initial price paid by the highest bidder at the local auction held in Sierra Leone.

US$1.5 million of the proceeds was reportedly set aside for the development of Koidu, the district headquarters of Kono where the diamond was discovered, while the balance of US$3 million went into the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

The Town Chief of Koidu, Aiah Lebbie is reportedly constructing a private residence from his own proceeds.

Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Dr. Morie Manyeh confirmed that US$1.5 million from the sale of the ‘Peace Diamond’ has been set aside for the development of Koidu.

The money, the Minister said, would be used to construct community health centres and schools, and the rehabilitation of one of the major roads linking Koidu to another town in the district. He assured that the money would be used judiciously to motivate those involved in diamond mining to deviate from smuggling any big diamond discovered in future.