7 Police Officers Demoted


Head of Media and Public Relations in the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Superintended Brima Kamara has disclosed that seven (7) police officers have been demoted from the rank of Inspector to Constable.

Explaining the reason for the demotion, Supt. Brima Kamara stated the Inspector General of Police had insisted that all promoted officers must ensure that the certificates they bear are authentic and that any one that cannot authenticate his or her certificate will be demoted.

The SLP, he said, demoted the seven officers because of the said reason, pending investigation. If the investigation finds out that anyone of them deserves their certificate, he said, the Police Council would reverse the decision.

The SLP, he said, has a review process that look at the certificates of each and every officer and that if in the process the Council discovers that the certificates of the said seven officers are not authentic, the SLP would institute disciplinary action.