67% Of Sierra Leoneans Trust RSLAF 


By Ayodele Deen Cole


A pre-election nationwide poll of Sierra Leone by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Center for Insights in Survey Research reveals high level of trust in national institutions tempered by concerns over job creation and education.

According to IRI Regional Director for Africa, John Tomaszewski, the faith placed in Sierra Leone’s core institutions is indicative of the confidence of citizens in their democracy. This goodwill, he said, provides the new government a solid foundation to address issues of great concern such as job creation and education, identified in this research.

According to the survey, Seventy-six percent of the people trust the military, a great deal, followed by the National Election Commission at 67% and the media at 66 percent. Respondents were less optimistic about the economy, rating the economic situation as either ‘very bad’ (48%) or very, very bad (23%). A combined 69 percent believe that job creation under the pre-election government has been ‘very bad’ (44%) or somewhat bad (25%). When asked to name the three biggest problems facing Sierra Leone today, 60% of respondents cited education followed by poverty (37%) and the economy (35%). A combined 68% said the previous government was doing a ‘very bad’ (45%) or ‘somewhat bad’ (23%).

The data was collected throughout Sierra Leone between February 12 and 26, 2018 from a sample of 1,526 adults in Sierra Leone aged 18 and above. The response rate was 79%. The margin of error for the full sample does not exceed ± 1.95%.

The survey was conducted by Pan African Field Service on behalf of the Center for Insight in Survey Research and funded by the United State Agency for International Development.