6 Sacked -More To Follow


The nation woke up yesterday morning to the news that His Excellency President Bio had relieved Dr. Prince Alexander Harding of his position as Executive Chairman and Commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM).

Dr. Harding was replaced with one Alhaji Mohamed Fuad Sheriff who is said to be a career civil servant. Speculation in political circles is that as the President continues to restructure his administration to be able to deliver appropriately on his ‘New Direction’ manifesto promises to the people, more heads would roll that fail to leave up to the President’s expectations.

Dr. Harding is the sixth high profile public personality to be sacked by President Koroma since he came to power on the 4th of April, 2018. Less than two months in office, the President fired the former Secretary to the President, Dennis Vandi. He was replaced by Dr Julius Fofanah Sandy. Vandi’s sacking was followed by that of former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Charles Francis Margai. Thereafter, the President sacked the Director General and her Deputy at the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMA), Dr. Sarah Finda Bendu and Senessie J. Tarawallie respectively. In the last cabinet reshuffle the former Minister of Local Government Anthony Brewah was shown the exit door.

All six were shown the exit door by the president for failing to meet expected standards of integrity, responsibility, transparency and accountability which are the cornerstones of his ‘New Direction’ administration and nation transforming governance philosophy.

Whilst the press release from State House that reported the appointment of a new NATCOM Chairman did not give any explanation for the replacement of Dr. Prince Harding as its political head, many people opine that the President’s decision may not be unconnected with the brouhaha that took place in Bo city during the SLPP National Executive Council meeting at the end of June.

It could be recalled that clash took place between supporters of Dr. Prince Harding who is vying to retain his position as SLPP Chairman and Leader and supporters of his youthful challenger, the current SLPP National Publicity Secretary, Jimmy Batilo Songa. Pandemonium occurred as the two sides clashed in the middle of Bo City. Four people, including a police officer, were stabbed; Properties were damaged; the peace and quiet of the city was disturbed. It took the police considerable effort to quell the situation, with twenty people arrested.

President Bio who was abroad at the time was reported to be very angry, as earlier, similar clash between supporters of the same two antagonists had occurred at the party headquarters in Freetown with President Bio warning that such unruly conduct would not be tolerated and that disciplinary action will follow any reoccurrence.