6 Deported From US


Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign pledge to deport illegal immigrants guilty of committing serious crimes in the United States of America if he won the presidency continues to be implemented by US Homeland Security and Immigration Department.

Under the policy, six Sierra Leoneans found guilty of various felonious offences by American law courts who faced deportation will arrive this Wednesday 24th January, 2018, from the US on a special chartered flight that will take off on Tuesday night.

According to Emmanuel Turay of the Sierra Leone Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the six unwanted Sierra Leonean convicts who had resisted deportation would be forcefully returned home.

Mr. Turay explained that they were found guilty of crimes including larceny, trafficking, drug peddling, possession of marijuana and others.

It could be recalled that from the 12th of June 2017 to date, fourteen unwanted Sierra Leoneans have been deported. This latest batch of arrivals brings the total to twenty. Earlier, Mr. Turay had told The Exclusive that many more Sierra Leoneans face deportation, not only from USA but also from Canada and some EU countries including France, Germany and Belgium. He added that as part of its international obligation, the government is ready to receive them.

Last year, the USA Government placed a ban on certain category of government officials from entering the USA officially or privately because of lack of cooperation in accepting Sierra Leonean deportees.

Now that the government is in compliance with the US demand and actively cooperating in the repatriation of its citizens, it is calling on the USA to lift the ban.

“The Government is playing its own part; we hope that the US Government too will play its own part,” an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said.