5 On The Run


Five officials of the Ministry of Youth Affairs who administered five youth empowerment projects under the former government that are wanted to testify before Commission 64 are reported to be on the run.

They are: Reverend Ibrahim Koroma who was the Project Coordinator for the Youth in Drainage Project; Umunatu Turay who was the Finance and Administration Officer for the same project; Dr. Serry Idrissa Kamara, former Project Director for the National Youth Village project; Massaio Mansaray, former Finance Administration officer of the National Youth Village project and Mohamed Kamara, former Project Manager for the Youth in Fisheries project from 2013 to 2018.

Testifying before the Commission last week, Witness No. 21, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Andrew Lawrence Sorie told Commissioner Justice Biobele Georgewill that the whereabouts of the five officials was unknown.

All five, he said, vanished into thin air after the March 2018 national elections and have not been seen since at work. “They did not resign or ask for leave; they just disappeared and we have not been able to locate them since,” Mr. Sorie told the Commission. He further disclosed that a project vehicle assigned to the Youth in Fisheries project that was been used by the Project Manager, Mohamed Kamara was found abandoned.

Accordingly, the Commissioner of Commission 64 has requested that a subpoena be made for the aforementioned five officials to appear in person before the Commission at the former Special Court premises at Jomo Kenyatta Road, on or before Monday April 8th, 2019.

As startling revelations of grand corruption with regards misuse of funds allocated to the above mentioned youth projects continued to be made before Justice Biobele Georgewill’s Commission, he had earlier asked the Project Manager for Youth In Agriculture at the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Musa Turay, who appeared before the Commission as a witness to get himself a defense lawyer after implicating himself in his testimony and also asked the State Prosecutor, Oladipo Robin Mason to have him testify as a person of interest.

It could be recalled that three government appointed Commissions of Inquiry emanated from serious allegations of grand corruption made by the Governance Transition Team (GTT) which recommended to President Bio and the Cabinet that officials of the former government, including all who served as President, Vice President, ministers, deputy ministers, and heads of MDAs be investigated with regards the allegation of grand corruption and misuse of public properties and assets.