In Port Loko… FHC Faces Setbacks 


By Ayodele Deen Cole

The Medical Superintendent at the Port Loko Government Hospital, Dr. Ibrahim Mark Kapuwa has disclosed that the Free Health Care initiative has faced serious setbacks with regards nutritional services for in-patients, as well as Cost Recovery Drug Supplies.

According to Dr. Ibrahim Mark Kapuwa, though the hospital is situated in a densely populated area, the necessary facilities for pregnant women, suckling mothers and children under the age five are lacking and will derail the gains made by the initiative in the last eight years.

The Medical Superintendent lamented that there is hardly any in-patients at the Male, Female, Children’s or Maternity Wards as, according to him, most of the patients would prefer to be discharged and die at home when they could no longer continue to afford the skyrocketing cost of drugs or have exhausted the chance of securing food for themselves.

Dr. Kapuwa disclosed that there have been no supplies of drugs for the last two years with regards Cost Recovery Drugs, adding that the only supply that was sent by the Central Medical Stores was a mere consignment of anti-malaria drugs whose stock has almost dried up. He furthered that there has been no Free Health Care drug supplies for the last three to four months, noting that there are absolutely no drugs for pregnant women in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Medical Superintendent has singled out hypertension as one that is prevalent amongst the adults. Dr. Kapuwa said Hepatitis ‘B’ which is often contracted through fluid or sex is alarming in the youth category and that malaria and typhoid are also typical with children.