28 Appointed


The Office of the President at State House on Friday 13th  July, 2018 made the following appointments in the public service:

  1. David Panda-Noah – Executive Director, Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA)
  2. Mohamed Mubashir Massaquoi – Director General, National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA)
  3. Moses Tiffa Baio – Director General, Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA)
  4. Timothy Musa Kabba – Director General, Petroleum Directorate
  5. Zainu Deen Karim – Director of Finance, Petroleum Directorate
  6. Abu Bockarie Kokofele – Commissioner, National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA)
  7. Dr Sarah Bendu – Executive Director, Sierra Leone Maritime Association (SLMA)
  8. Phillip Karimu Lansana Director General, Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO)
  9. Kalilu O. Bah – Chairman, Public Service Commission (PSC)
  10. Kalilu Totangi – Chairman, National Council for Civic Education and Development (NCCED)
  11. Donald Augustus Ngegba – Chairman, Local Government Service Commission (LGSC)
  12. Thomas Ngolo Katta – Commissioner, National Youth Commission (NYC)
  13. Emmerson Kamara – Deputy Commissioner, NYC
  14. Ms Saptieu Elizabeth Saccoh – Administrator and Registrar General
  15. Charlie Haffner – Chairman, Monuments and Relics Commission
  16. Ms Tuma Adama Jabbi – Chairman, Board of Directors (BoD), National Revenue Authority (NRA)
  17. Manso Dumbuya, Chairman, BoD, Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA)
  18. Alfred Kandeh – Chairman, BoD, National Public Procurement Agency (NPPA)
  19. Patrick Jaiah Kaikai – Chairman, BoD, SLCAA
  20. Mohamed Ali Jalloh – Chairman, BoD, SALWACO
  21. Martha Consilia Kanagbo – Chairman, BoD, National Insurance Company (NIC0
  22. Eddie Williams – Chairman, Sierra Leone Airports Authority (SLAA)
  23. Moses Williams – Chairman, Statistic Sierra Leone Council
  24. Foday Musa – Chairman, Bod, NaCSA
  25. Sia Tongu – Chairman, BoD, NCRA
  26. James Taiwo Cullen – Chairman, National Commission for Disabilities
  27. Bintu Myers – Chairman, BoD, Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC)
  28. Umaru Barly Dumbuya – Chairman, SLMA