262 Private Schools Approved


By Aruna Rashed Toma Bangura

The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education has approved about 262 (two hundred and sixty two) private schools that are now eligible to participate in public examinations conducted by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) rather than sending their pupils to government and government assisted schools to write their exams.

Addressing Principals and pupils, the Minister said, when he took over the Ministry, there were stiff policies regarding the approval of private schools, but that government is working hard to ensure that the free quality education scheme, one way or another, reaches out to every child in the country.

Alpha Osman Timbo stated that it is advisable that the general populace do not only depend on government but must have options to also enroll in private schools.

He continued that teachers must ensure that they consider themselves as noble servants in society in so far as transforming the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans through quality education is concerned.

Proprietress of a private school who also happens to be the current Deputy Minister of MBSSE, Madam Emilia Gogra, applauded the effort of government for what she described as a step in the right direction. She urged the heads of private schools to live to the expectations of the Ministry and advised colleague owners of private school to encourage parents to comply to their responsibilities.

On his part, the Head of the Public Private Partnership Unit at the Ministry, Abdul Karim Sow said the country has over one thousand private schools, adding those approved are the ones that have fulfilled government’s benchmark and laid down policies.

He charged them with the responsibility of not only providing access but quality education. He intimated that he and his team will be inspecting these private schools to know and find out about the kind of facilities available and that if there are any anomalies discovered, the Ministry would take necessary actions.

According to the Public Relations Officer at MBSSE, Brima Michael Turay, the ‘New Direction’ administration has exhibited its commitment to improve on education in the country.