2023 Presidential Election… Sam Sumana To Lead APC


Reports have it that former Vice President Chief Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana has expressed interest to make a comeback to the All People’s Congress (APC) and subsequently bear its presidential flag for the forthcoming 2023 presidential elections.

Many APC stalwarts and supporters, sources say, favour Chief Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana to lead the party into the 2023 national elections as presidential flagbearer under the slogan: “Winner for All.”

Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana’s popularity and clout which, many say, would add value to APC’s dream of capturing State House from SLPP in 2023 was witnessed in his formation of a political party barely two months to the March, 2018 national elections.

His party, Coalition for Change (C4C), though it did not perform impressively well across the country, proved to be a critical game changer as it captured the two elective councils and eight of the ten parliamentarian seats in the strategic swing state of Kono district. That wonderful accomplishment by Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana and C4C was the critical nail in the coffin that took APC to their 2018 presidential runoff election wilderness.

Rumors about Chief Sumana wanting to return to the party that his late biological father together with Siaka Probyn Stevens and other post-independence politicians formed, was rife before the momentous presidential runoff election, with APC eager to get him and C4C on its  side in order to be able to clinch the swing state of Kono.

It could be recalled that news circulated that APC big guns held several reconciliation meetings with Chief Sumana to throw his weight behind the party but openly declined from telling his party members and supporters to vote for APC in the runoff; he only told them to vote as they wished.

Speaking from the United States of America (USA) the C4C National Publicity Secretary, Betty Foray circulated an audio message on social media purported that she and other C4C members knew of Chief Sumana’s intention to join the APC which, she said, she and some other executive members vehemently opposed. What is known is that the chances of Chief Sumana returning to his political roots to increase his chances of leading the nation are very high. What is however unknown is when that would happen.

News of Chief Sumana contemplating return to the APC should be seen in the context of a defeated, confused APC that is sharply divided over choice of its leadership, with the party’s main dilemma being who they should choose to lead the party into the 2023 national elections against a very formidable SLPP candidate who would have the advantage of incumbency in those elections.

For many in the party who believe that its discredited leadership and choice of their 2018 flagbearer contributed to their election defeat, Chief Sumana offers a plausible candidate with a high national profile and a “Mr. Clean” political image which is what the nation looks for in its leader.

There are also many APC members and supporters who believe that having been battle tested and have gained a lot of knowledge, experience and wisdom in the 2018 national elections, the choice of who should lead the party into the 2023 national elections should remain Dr. Samura Kamara.

Still, another school of thought believes that in selecting its new leader as well as who will ultimately be the 2023 flagbearer, democracy should prevail, meaning that they want APC to choose all its leaders through the ballot box, which leaves the field wide open for anybody interested in leading the party to contest in free and fair elections.