2023 Elections…. APC Endorse Samura


The dust has settled after the titanic presidential election battle between the now ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) that saw the latter losing narrowly to the former.

After the National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced the result of the keenly fought race, there was a lot of anguish, acrimony, pointing of fingers and casting of blames for the party’s loss. The bulk of the blame was heaped on the party’s Chairman and Leader, former President Ernest Bai Koroma and the party executive.

With frustration and unhappiness running wild in the party, and calls for heads to roll, including that of the party’s Chairman and Leader, the APC National Advisory Committee (NAC) decided to set up a 9-man committee to examine the causes of the party’s loss and to recommend the way forward.

However, one man that emerged out of the crisis unscathed was the party’s 2018 presidential flagbearer, Dr. Samura Kamara whose popularity among the party’s grassroots supporters remained intact. In fact, in the months after the election, his popularity has soared to a record height. This was clearly seen when on Pray Day he worshipped in Freetown central and was mobbed by a huge crowd of APC supporters.

In Freetown and the provinces, Samura Kamara has reportedly reached out to party members and supporters lately; he has been mobbed by crowds of enthusiastic and adoring APC grassroots supporters of all ages.

By the look of things and from what The Exclusive has so far gathered, it appears that the majority of APC supporters want Samura Kamara to be given a second chance in 2023 to take the party back to State House. This was indicated when the party met at its Brookfields headquarters to give its report on the SLPP’s 100 days in governance. The reception and acknowledgement that Samura Kamara received clearly showed that he has won the hearts and minds of the people.

It could be recalled that when the APC Chairman and Leader endorsed Samura Kamara at the party’s convention in Makeni as the party’s 2018 presidential candidate, he was a relatively dark horse. However, when the APC campaign gathered momentum, and as the presidential election drew closer, the people at home and abroad become familiar with his face and appealing smiles.

Many people have stated that circumstances conspired against Samura Kamara’s victory, including the unfortunate postponement of the election due to a petition against NEC which many people said dampened the spirit of many APC voters from making the costly trips to where they had travelled to register to vote.

As the party looks forward to 2023, Samura Kamara who said he has learnt a lot about the practicalities and realities of politics reportedly remains willing to serve the party as its standard bearer. His love for the downtrodden and his desire to better their lot makes him even more determined to continuing on the political route.

A financial technocrat of no mean standing, Samura Kamara’s growing popularity stems from the fact that he comes across as somebody who is humble, honest, sincere and easily approachable – exactly the qualities that both his party and the nation look for in a leader.

Thus, many APC supporters believe that if the party should make a successful comeback in 2023, Samura Kamara is the man who should be given the opportunity to stand against the SLPP’s Maada Bio.