2018 WAEC Private Exams Fraud… *2 To Face Prosecution *1 On The Run


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has given an update on one of the cases before it having to do the arrest of 71 persons at a private residence at Aberdeen on the night of Monday 24th September, 2018.

It could be recalled that on that date, acting on a tipoff, the ACC working in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and the Office of National Security (ONS) moved swiftly and arrested scores of pupils and some teachers on the allegations of being in possession of partially filled West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) answer booklets and tampered examination envelopes, contrary to Section 48(1) of the ACC Act 2008.

ACC’s findings after the arrests was that the pupils who were caught were to take the exams at night and return the scripts to some WAEC officials that would ensure that they are secretly included in the WAEC Script Room and marked as normal.

Principal suspects are one Vidal Wray, Aiah Mbayo who allegedly coordinated the scheme and recruited the pupils and a WAEC contract staff who is still on the run.

With the investigations still ongoing, WAEC reports that it has discovered serious loopholes within WAEC’s exams structure; one of which the ACC says, it has discovered that there is an examination malpractice syndicate between some WAEC staff and pupils; that there are lapses in the script and exams management regime; weak controls in the script room; and lack of records in respect of script room staff.

The above, ACC said, creates an enabling climate for WAEC staff to perpetuate money-making plans with desperate pupils, teachers and parents resulting in exams fraud.

As a corrective measure, WAEC reported that they have engaged with the management of WAEC to conduct a systems and processes review of the body’s structures and operations as a matter of urgency with a view to forestalling and preventing reoccurrence in a bid restore the integrity in Sierra Leone’s education sector.

Meanwhile, ACC said it will proceed with prosecution of key conspirators but that the pupils who were arrested will not be prosecuted but will be used as witnesses.