10 Senior Police Officers Fired

The Sierra Leone Police Force has taken stern disciplinary action against ten senior officers. A memo dated April 8, 2020 to each of them signed by the Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Sovula, authorized their dismissal under Section 156(2) Act No.2 of the 1991 Constitution.

The officers are:

1. Mohamed Yaetay Yaetay Turay (Chief Superintendent)

2. Gibril Mohamed Turay (CSP)

3. Alarinie Mansaray (CSP)

4. Sulaiman Ninka (Superintendent)

5. Patrick J.  Kamara (Supt)

6. Sylvester M. Kpovowai (Supt)

7. Melvin A. A. Samura (Supt)

8. Marion C. Kabba (ASP)

9. Frank Lewis (ASP)

10. Idrissa Kargbo (ASP)

Reportedly, the Police Council ordered the dismissal of the said officers in connection with the breakdown of law and order that took place quite recently in the Northern Province mining town of Lunsar and another at fishing village of Tombo in the western rural district. In both incidents, arson and destruction of public and private properties took place.

On the issue of law and order in the country, in his address to the nation on Saturday night, President Bio stated that he has ordered urgent reforms within the security sector whose objective, he said, is to make their leadership more decisive and effective in crime prevention and deterrence, and to maintain peace and stability in the face of extreme acts of terrorist violence against the state.